Pediatric Endocrinology Clinic

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Mt. Scopus: Dr. David Zangen. Ein Kerem: Dr. David Gillis.
Appointment Scheduling Center: 02-5842111, or *677 (from mobile phone)
Ein-Kerem: main clinics' building, 8th floor. Mt. Scopus: new clinics' building, ground floor.

Physician in Charge, Ein Kerem: Dr. Gillis David

Physician in Charge, Mt. Scopus: Prof. Zangen  David



The Pediatric Endocrinology unit operates at both campuses. It consists of several sub-sections, including the Juvenile Diabetes center, the center for growth development and puberty and the clinical and molecular genetics research section.


450-500 children are followed for their diabetes in both campuses. The multi-disciplinary professional team includes pediatric diabetologists, diabetes educators/nurses, dietitians, and psychosocial professionals. 


Treatment modalities include the most advanced measures of diabetes treatment including insulin pumps, use of the newest insulin analogues and continuous glucose monitoring. The professional support includes a 24 hours on call telephone service, support groups, special patient conferences and participation in summer diabetes camps.


See below for more information.


In our Clinic:

Diagnosis, treatment and follow up of neonates, infants, children and adolescents that suffer from hormonal deficiencies; Juvenile Diabetes, growth deficiencies and short stature, early/late sexual maturation, thyroid function deficiencies, overweight, hirsutism, adrenal function deficiencies, calcium balance problems, Terner Syndrome. In addition, we run dynamic endocrine tests in order to thoroughly diagnose various hormonal problems.