The Natural Childbirth Center

NaturalbirthThe Natural ChildbirthCenter was established for women with normal, uncomplicated pregnancies who wish to give birth naturally with minimal medical intervention. Birth is a physiological process that occurs naturally. Each woman has the ability and power to handle labor and the pain that accompanies it.


At the Natural Childbirth Center mothers can prepare beforehand for their births with the support of a personal midwife by developing a birth plan that is appropriate for her needs. In a safe and friendly atmosphere mom and family will experience an empowering and positive birth experience.


The Natural Childbirth Center at Hadassah Ein Kerem includes two rooms and is located adjacent to the conventional delivery rooms. It has a homelike atmosphere and is equipped with a Jacuzzi, aromatic oils and all accessories necessary for care and support during natural birth. For the accompanying family's convenience there is also a kitchenette and seating area.