Fertility Treatment

Ein Kerem & Mt. Scopus
Visiting hours:
7:30 - 15:00

In-vitro fertilization (IVF) is the most popular fertility treatment in the world. IVF has been in use since 1978, when the first 'test tube baby' was born in England. Hadassah founded its first Fertility Treatment Clinic in 1982 on the Ein Kerem campus. Ten years later, a second clinic opened in the Mt. Scopus campus.


IVF treatment at Hadassah Medical Center provides the latest fertility treatments for Israeli couples and couples from all over the world in need of these services. Hadassah is renowned for its IVF treatments, professional service, variety of techniques and relatively low costs. 


Hadassah has helped hundreds of couples achieve their dream of becoming parents.


  • Mt. Scopus Fertility Treatment Clinic


The Mt. Scopus Fertility Treatment Clinic specialized in diagnosis and infertility treatment, which includes IVF and artificial insemination.



Sunday - Thursday; 7:30 am - 3:00 pm



  • Ein Kerem Fertility Treatment Clinic

The Ein Kerem Fertility Treatment Clinic is located in the Patricia and Russell Fleischman Women's Health Center. The clinic diagnoses cases of infertility and provides various fertility treatments, based on the specific needs of the patient.


Sunday - Thursday 


Hours and days of admission to the clinic are subject to change