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Cardiology - The Heart Institute

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Cardiovascular diseases are the main factor of death in the Western World, and they represent a challenge for diagnosis, treatment and research.


The Hadassah Hospital Heart Institute, is always prepared to provide patients with the most accurate diagnosis and professional manner of treatment. Our doctors are dedicated to your health. In addition to quality care, our department is also involved in teaching and numerous researches.


Our department page will introduce the Cardiology Department and the various branches that operate within the department - the ICU (Intensive Care Unit), and units which specialize in diseases such as arrhythmias, CHF(Chronic Heart Failure), cardiac catheterization, stent, and TAVI. Learn about our Ambulatory System, which includes outpatient clinics and non-invasive image processing and diagnosis units such as echocardiography, stress tests, Holter, cardiovascular CTs,  Thallium Heart Mapping. Our Pediatric Cardiology Unit  diagnoses and treats heart problems in infants and fetuses. Our department strives to maintain a high standard of treatment.


Additionally you will find general information about heart diseases.


Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have!

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