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Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery

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The Department of Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery is a well-known in the world of plastic and cosmetic surgery in Israel and abroad.


The Department of Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery at Hadassah Medical Center specializes in reconstruction of congenital malformations (such as craniofacial malformations, harelip, cleft palate, and ear deformities), excision and reconstructions for skin tumors such as basal cell carcinomas and malignant melanomas, breast reconstruction following mastectomy, burns, skin grafts, repair of hypertrophic and keloid scars, and avulsion injuries.


The Center for Cosmetic Surgery in Israel functions within the framework of the Department of Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery and its senior physicians perform rhinoplasty (reshaping the nose), oculoplasy (reshaping the tissue around the eye), facelift surgery, reduction and augmentation mammoplasty, breast reconstruction, surgery for excess abdominal skin, and laser treatments for callus and hair removal and to reduce the appearance of expression wrinkles.



Plastic Surgery in Israel at Hadassah Hospital

Hadassah Medical Center offers  private medical services in which enable the patient to select the senior physician for plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery at SHARAP - Private Medicine


Head of Department:  Tel: 972-2-677-8076

Dr. Margulis Alexander


Aesthetics: Tel: 02-6778877

Dr. Avraham (Rami) Neuman


Hand Surgery: Tel: 02-6777747

Fax: 02-6418868

Head of Center for Micro and Hand Surgery:

Dr. Carole Pidhorz

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