Clinical Trials Center

A Clinical trials Center (HCTC) was established about 3 years ago at Hadassah Medical Organization that specializes in conducting clinical trials in the early stages of drug development.


It focuses on phase I and phase II research but also supports phase III studies. It aids researchers who are interested in studying this but don't have a research team of their own.


The clinical research center is located in the Technology Park Building.

Within the past year there have been 10 "phase I" studies and 4 "phase II" studies. They use skilled staff to perform preliminary studies as well as building the research infrastructure that enables researchers from Hadassah University Hospital to perform phase I studies of medications.


Centers staff members

Mr Eric Kornblit, officer at HCRC
Ms Yafit Cohen, research coordinator
Ms Hannah Drury, research nurse
Ms Karin Attias, research coordinator
Ms Ilanit Lintzer, Administrative director