Hadassah's Head of Emergency Medicine Saves Life at Bar Mitzvah


דר קובי אסף

Dr. Koby Assaf, Head of Hadassah Ein Kerem's Dept. of Emergency Medicine


Dr. Koby Assaf, head of Hadassah Ein Kerem’s Department of Emergency Medicine, took part in the celebration of his relatives Bar Mitzvah at the Leonardo Plaza hotel in Jerusalem. Little did he know that his medical expertise would be called upon during the event.


“Suddenly, a 60-year-old man collapsed right next to me. I was able to immediately identify that it was a heart-related issue and that he was about to lose consciousness. I began treating him, and called Magen David Adom to send an ambulance to transfer him to my unit – the ER at Hadassah Ein Kerem.”


The story doesn’t end there – as the guest decided that he did not want to be admitted to a hospital ward.


“Surprisingly – after receiving preliminary treatment in the ER, the guest decided to return to the party, as he apparently felt better. Unfortunately, that didn’t last for long, as he collapsed a second time – but this time his situation was more complex. As a result, we needed a mobile intensive care unit ambulance to bring him once again to Hadassah Ein Kerem. I personally accompanied the guest in the MICU ambulance to Hadassah Hospital. After his initial tests in the ER – he was admitted in the cardiology department, where he was cared for by the dedicated, professional, and caring staff. After a few days, he was discharged home.


Dr. Assaf stressed that in the event that one feels sudden fatigue/weakness or collapses – one should go immediately to the ER, undergo the necessary testing, and adhere to advice given by the medical staff. “Our health is in our hands. Even when the symptoms (seemingly) subside – the medical staff are the ones trained to determine whether there is still a need for medical intervention.”


Dr. Assaf concluded noting his rare ambulance ride, “I generally don’t find myself in the back of an ambulance. My patients arrive to the ER after receiving first aid from the MADA paramedics. I was happy to witness first-hand the incredibly professional and personal care given by the MADA medical team. I have no doubt that their care helped stabilize the patient well before his arrival at Hadassah’s ER.”