Academic Programs

The school offers both an undergraduate program (approximately 180 students) and a graduate program (approximately 60 students) with studies towards three academic degrees: Bachelor of Occupational Therapy (BOT), Masters in Occupational Therapy as part of the Medical Sciences Branch (MSc) and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD).

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The undergraduate program includes both theoretical and clinical studies. The master's program offers a research track and a non-research track. Within the non-research track students specialize in one of three areas: Pediatrics, Physical Disabilities and Rehabilitation Technology or Cognitive Rehabilitation.
The School of Occupational Therapy is governed by Program Directors and is also operated via various committees within the School and the Faculty of Medicine.
Program Directors
The directors supervise all academic and administrative activities of the various programs of the school.
  • Dr. Adina Maeir,  Director of the School and Chair of the Graduate Program;
  • Cohavit Levy-Mazaki, Administrative Director