Mind Body Fertility Center

Rimon Center
Dr. Karen Friedman
Hadassah Mt. Scopus

Hadassah Takes Holistic Approach to Infertility


It is well known that there is correlation between anxiety and stress and the success rate of IVF treatments; therefore it is of utmost importance to control the stress and reduce anxiety while undergoing fertility treatments.


The vision of the Mind Body Fertility Center at Hadassah addresses exactly this issue. The center, founded and headed by Dr. Karen Friedman provides these women with cognitive behavioral therapy, personal and group meetings with psychologists, yoga classes, nutritional support and much more. Although similar centers already exist in leading hospitals around the world, Hadassah's Mind and Body Center is the first of its kind in Israel.


The services provided at our center are available to all women undergoing fertility treatment and are free of charge. 

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